Our understanding of cultural fit and strong networking skills enable us to provide highly experienced talent Across various industry segments. In our executive search process, focus is laid on leadership as the rich leadership skills help in better management resulting into turning around of the corporation.


We find the right talent at the junior and middle management levels for various organizations. We believe that matching candidates to jobs is only possible by having deep insights and understanding of both the candidate and the client.


We provide well experienced part time and full time trainers. It is our belief that training and development Helps in optimizing the utilization of human resource that further helps the employee to achieve the Organizational and their individual goals.


Our strong association with educational institutions provides a variety of fresh enthusiastic candidates for Internship projects in the areas of marketing, finance, research, human resource, operations, etc.


It requires a lot of understanding of various domains and expertise in hiring when it comes to hire for Non-it domain. We are catering to a wide range of non-it industries. We have domain specialist recruiters who work on your recruitments. Please see the side bar for our domain specific skills inventory.


Information technology recruitment is unlike other recruitment it requires a lot of experience and expertise. The recruiter has to have a deep understanding of complete sdlc and different terms of it skills. We offer our expert it recruitment services to our clients at a competitive rate. We offer a team of dedicated it recruiters with technical backgrounds along with mandatory technical Training. We work on an agile environment; a daily knowledge sharing and review session keeps Our recruiters up to date. If any new it skill is introduced in the market we do a proper research on that And keep our self-prepared for any upcoming requirements related to that. Our it recruiters are expert In taking preliminary technical screening. Any resume delivered to you goes through a complete screening followed by a telephonic discussion With the respective candidate.


At Vinazin Solutions, We have a well structured and systematic approach for selecting candidates. Our Recruitment Process begins with analysis of position and requirement and goes all the way to post recruitment follow-up with both client and candidate. The key principles of our search methodology focus on Analysis of position and requirement which includes understanding the client organisation with regard to current business activities, future expansion plans, work culture and extends to mapping competencies for specific position including job title, deliverables, Key accountabilities and other important details which are required to bring success to the position.

Jane Doe

Digital Designer

Jane Doe

Digital Designer

Jane Doe

Digital Designer